Connect the dots to succeed in digital transformation.

Organizations are challenged to improve and accelerate the transformation of their business activities, competencies, processes and business models. The key to succeed: a step-by-step integrated content process, service, IT and people approach. The enabler: actionable information.

Content Management

Finding the right version of the right document at the right time is time consuming, annoying to cope with and reducing productivity. Combining this with strict compliance and security measures and the need to reduce IT costs makes content management an important topic for every professional organization.

Content in Context

Content Management solutions implemented by IRIS present content in the context of an individual’s tasks. Whether it’s a contract, HR file or invoice, the solution will present relevant and related content to optimize the quality of work and the time spent on it.

Seamless integrations with for example underlying CRM, ERP and HR systems enable for single registration and multiple usage of data.

This approach, combined with technological enhancements - offered by IBM - like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Operational Decision Management (ODM), Smart Capture and Case Management ensure human repetitive tasks can be automated while data capture and information storage are optimized and centralized.

Control the document lifecycle

From initial registration or creation to deletion, every content type has a lifecycle and can be managed within the content management solution. Records Management functionality provides structured, transparent control of records (which consist of information and documents, both physical and digital) from their creation to deletion. By managing the entire document lifecycle, organizations reduce risks and save costs, while ensuring quality and compliancy in their digital environment.


Foundation for
the digital workplace


Foundation for

the digital workplace

Building a digital organization on a content management solution enables for the integration of digital content in business processes, which can be the start of next steps like external collaboration.

Providing content security and integrity makes it possible to manage large volumes of information, easily handled by the business. Integrating with other business applications while reducing storage costs and total cost of ownership make it a wise investment for the digital workplace.

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