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Organizations are challenged to improve and accelerate the transformation of their business activities, competencies, processes and business models. The key to succeed: a step-by-step integrated content process, service, IT and people approach. The enabler: actionable information.


On-Premise IT Deployment

On-premise IT is still the core of many organizations. Some organizations prefer to keep core business & data on-premise, or are sometimes even legally obliged to do so. However in traditional IT environments we often encounter a siloed approach, leading to large project times as preparations go from one team to another.


But what about Cloud?

Cloud – and nowadays Multi-Cloud – has been a game changer over the past few years and continues to be so. With increasing pressure due to faster go-to-market demands and ever faster release schedules, application developers are under pressure and might bypass their local infrastructure completely resulting in Shadow-IT, data sprawl, application sprawl and potential security & compliancy risks.

When these applications need to go live this often creates problems porting it back to the current production environment or the necessary components are not in place to make the application communicate with the rest of the environment


What if you could have

best of both worlds?

By introducing and adopting a software defined hybrid-IT environment - including compute, network and storage - we can protect your current investments but still give users a cloud-like experience.

This results in a faster go-to-market model, happier users and better compliancy which results back into better customer experience. And we can help you manage all these components


Software defined hybrid-IT

Your wish is our demand!

We can even give your users the choice: for production & core applications we can deliver on-premise or for extra resources, for testing & development purposes, or for short projects we can apply a cloud-based approach through the same software portals.

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