Digital Business Automation Community


Our goal

In close collaboration with IBM, DBAC will facilitate the platform, hoping that you – as an actual user of the software – will help determine the relevant content to be discussed. The aim of this User Group is to interact, access and exchange information and experiences with IBM’s Digital Business Automation software.

By participating in the User Group you get (early) access to:

  • IBM roadmap information
  • Information on how to boost change management & platform adoption/expansion
  • Best practices shared by organisations using the software
  • Insights in valuable product & service offerings for further improvements of your digital solutions.


Our role

IRIS Professional Solutions, as IBM Platinum Partner and certified Expert for Digital Business Automation, will manage the registration of members and actual organization of User Group meetings.

Complex data meets functionality

DBAC has a non-commercial character and therefore a neutral chairman has been appointed to drive the agenda and the content of these User Group meetings.



DBAC is proud to invite you and hopes you will be able to join this User Group. Simply hit the Join DBAC now button underneath to be part of this unique experience!

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Discover our webinars about:

  • The Digital Business Automation roadmap: Today all our DBA are containerized in the Cloud Pack for Automation offer. Discover what’s in it for you and how can use this offering. This webinar will be given in collaboration with IBM.
  • Business Automation Workflow update: The IBM BAW solution gets new additions related to Machine Learning and helping users defining their Next Best Task (based on a real-time scorecard that the platform is getting). During this webinar we will show you the new features and how you can upgrade your solution to this new version.